Inside's commitment to responsible investing is firmly rooted in our corporate culture, philosophy and business model. Our teams are local to the Southeast African region and care deeply about its sustainable development.

At Inside, we believe that sustainability is a key driver of innovation. We’re convinced that it contributes to long-term value creation - not only for Inside as a business, but for our partners, investors and the wider community.

For these reasons, we incorporate ESG and impact considerations into all of our management and reporting practices. We’re also signatories to the internationally-recognised Principles for Responsible Investment, a sign of our commitment to a more sustainable financial system.


ESG / ESG integration

Inside takes environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues into consideration at every stage of our investment process, from deciding what projects to invest in to what growth strategies to develop with our partners. For us, this isn’t a tick-box exercise - we are convinced that ESG strengthens our risk management and long-term financial performance, and that it helps our investees identify new opportunities for growth.

Impact / Investing for Impact

At Inside, we invest to make a difference. We actively seek out companies with sustainable business models, innovative technology, and that contribute to our impact focus areas. These overlap with specific United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and include climate change; waste reduction; access to clean energy and empowering underserved communities. We engage with our investees to monitor and improve the impact of their operations and develop new initiatives that positively affect the local environment, community and economy.

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